How To Optimize E-Mail Marketing Tactics to Drive Revenue Through Your E-Commerce Website

Posted on February 3rd, 2012 · Posted in Online Marketing

In the present wake of highly technically driven email marketing and opt in emails have come to play an important role in the entire marketing mix of the online store. Internet as a medium is immensely popular with the online users and emails just rightly provide them with the details they have been looking for, all this while.

However, it may be really tricky how you utilize the benefits of email marketing in your favor. Mostly the emails directly land into the trash mails from the inbox, simply because they are not effective enough. Discussed below are three main tactics you can make use of, in order to gain from your email marketing.

Know The Customer

The most crucial step is to know your customers. Understand where exactly do they hail from and what are their hopes and expectation from the ecommerce store. A good email marketing campaign is the one that lays focus on the “customers” and not the “selling of products.”

The most basic reason why your emails go unnoticed and unrequited is because you put in a half hearted effort in delivering the emails. In order to gain from your email marketing strategy, you need to understand what your customer base is. Know their preferences and then divide them on the basis of different categories. The categorization of the customers could be done on the basis of lets say their demographics, age, social status and etc.

Once you divide your customers in various categories, you must then send the customized emails and newsletters to them. This way more than just disseminating the information, you are doing it in a way that they understand. Thus they will respond more favorably to what you have to say through your emails.

Understand Their Buying Cycle

More often than not, the future sales happen in a cyclic format. There is a fine line which defines the consumption pattern of the users. For instance, if you have got your research right and the information reveals that most of the customers will be expecting babies in no time. Then, you can use this information to design your email marketing campaign around it. Your emails may focus on babies and set an emotional chord with the customers. They are likely to shop more if they find your emails solving the utility purpose of their lives. Once expected young ones arrive in the world, the cycle may drift towards gender specific baby products and etc, hence fort giving you more information to design your email marketing campaign on. t

Develop Relationships, Don’t Just do Business

Why online marketing campaigns generally fail because they do not really get into the very skin of the customers. Do not limit the email marketing just as means to instill sales and nothing else. Sending emails is one of the most personal ways communicating and it also allows the users to talk a little in brief. When it comes to email marketing, try for a bit of personal communication. Studies have shown that the sales of the online store increased when the customer support staff provides excellent services and the communication was not strictly professional but a bit personal too. Word of mouth publicity still plays an important role and there is no bigger asset to a company than a happy client. Thus, develop relationships with the customers, send your emails at a specific time and date of the month so that users begin to expect your emails well in advance and whenever applicable, express a feeling of gratitude towards the loyal user base.

The Result

Email marketing surely is a combination of both art and science. Where as the scientific studies and analysis are required to strategically develop the emails and position the same across different users, the online marketer needs to articulate enough to say the right thing, at the right time and in the right way. Once you master this art and science of email marketing, the gains can be simply superlative. Email marketing is the perfect way to drive more qualified and relevant traffic to your website and hence the attention got to be paid. If you are on a look out for ways to lift up the revenues from your ecommerce store, reconsidering and redesigning the email marketing tactic, and implementing the same, has to be your answer.