Simple Steps to Start Branding Your eCommerce Business

Posted on February 24th, 2012 · Posted in Online Marketing

Branding in today’s time is really important. If you have not yet developed a branding strategy for your eCommerce business, that only means that you are not really serious about the long term growth and development of the eCommerce websites. It must be of particular interest for you to know that top class businesses spend millions of bucks each year in successfully branding their websites. If the top notch corporate houses are doing the same, do you think you can really afford to miss out the benefits of branding?

1. Understanding Branding and its Importance

The question may arise, what does branding really is? The branding of your company is what you really are, what exactly does you company stands for, what are the features that sets you apart from your contemporaries, and how exactly you wish your target audience to see you?

The branding of your brand is everything. It can either lead you and your organization to success, or has to power to make it fall flat on the face.

When it comes to the power of effective branding, consider the following scenario: Suppose you are in a super market, browsing around the products and you begin to feel thirsty. There are several options available for the drink. Lets suppose one of them is Coca Cola and another one is just some other aerated drink, let us call it X. What would you really drink?

If the answer is Coca Cola, you have understood what we are trying to explain!

2. Branding Strategy and Social Media

The brand strategy, or the sum total of activities you plan around branding your brand includes the decisions regarding how, where, what and to who you are planning to target with the branding. If you are operating online, perhaps the best option available with you to brand and position your product is through the online social media networks. The growth of social media platforms is simply alluring and it provides you with easy means of getting in touch with the users, directly.

3. Basics of Branding

The basics of a nice branding includes:

- Defining the mission of the company.
- Stating differentiators that sets your apart from the competition
- Associations – how and what should consumers associate your brand with?

4. Branding and Consistency

Consistency in the branding of your company and its various collaterals is extremely important. If you fail to create a consistent approach in the branding and positioning, you will online end up confusing your clients. No matter which marketing collateral you are using – social media, advertisements, blogs, so on and so forth. The messages, the tag lines, the brand image etc must all be consistent.

5. Logo Design and Name

When it comes to branding of your business and its various facets, go by the general rule of thumb – less is more. You do not need chunks of material but just one out of the box and engrossing image and a single short and concise tag line is enough to draw the customers towards your brand and make it really popular with the user groups.

When it comes to the logo of your brand, you really need to have a really nice logo. Besides, your logo needs to be omni present. Whether it is the billboard advertisements, hoardings, advertisements in the newspapers, social media networks and etc, you must have the same logo.

6. Effective Communication

When it comes to retaining the clients for your eCommerce business, effective communication plays an important role. The branding of the eCommerce portal may draw in the customer just once. But effective communication is the key to ensuring their retention. Email subscriptions provide really high ROI and effective means of communication and hence you must utilize the same.