Why B2B E-Commerce Blog is Essential for Your Store in 2012

Posted on January 27th, 2012 ยท Posted in eCommerce Solutions, Shopping Cart

Having a B2B blog in the present technologically driven world is the necessity of the users. While the ecommerce shopping portals are a good way to sell products online, mostly there are a lot of security reasons which requires to keep the sensitive information of the portals under the wraps. However this has a negative impact on the search engine result pages of the website as the Google fail to index the same. Thus primarily it means you loose the business.

The world today is hyper ventilating on the technology. Though earlier, most of the B2B organizations would just cater to the existing customers and selection and qualification of the new clients would be after following a small hand picking process, the present world has changed drastically.

Today, Internet allows you to expand the business and its scope in numerous leaps and bounds. The users can directly search your business and get in touch with you for an easy trade and commerce. If however your pages are indexed by the Google and other search engines, are not updated regularly, you are certainly loosing out on business.

Provided below are the 5 crucial points you must take into account, in order to gain significantly from your B2B blog.

1. Pay Attention to Indexing

Make sure you build your blog on a public facing page, which is connected directly to the home page of your business websites. This will enable the Google to locate those pages and index the same. And if you are looking for success, you really want Google to index the pages.

2. Write on Relevant Topics

The content on your blog must be informative and provide a value adding attribute to the knowledge and awareness of the users base. Just because you have blog does not mean you will lay emphasis on promoting the products and services of your organization and etc. You must write about the relevance of your products and services in the lives of the users, what additional attribute would the offering of your business bring to lives of the users. For instance, if you have a website design and development service company, you can blog about the benefits of owning a website, the best means to get a website, what features should there be in the website and the best means to get a custom made website etc.

3. Do not Sell Yourself on the Blog

This is the fundamental rule of effective B2B blogging. Blog about the products and services, its features, but never blog about your own products. Blogging is the means of sharing knowledge and information, not about promoting your products and selling services. Promotion can be done if you handle it smartly but generally if your blog, even remotely smell of self promotion and selling, you can be rest assured to loose all of your credibility and trust in the readers. Thus better stick to sharing of information and not selling.

4. Provide Call to Action Buttons

For the more selling focused entrepreneurs, marketers and bloggers, not selling the product and service can be devastating. After all one of the reason behind blogging was lead generation and you can affirm the same if you put the right call to action buttons in your blog posts. Call to action buttons can be included at the bottom of the page, some where in the content etc which urges the users to take the particular action. You can generate fair amount of leads by utilizing the proper call to action buttons.

5. Be Regular and Consistent in Your Efforts

You need to be consistent and regular in your blogging endeavors. Do not do it sporadically, blogging only when there is a product launch etc, but maintain a decorum while posting blogs. If you decide the frequency of two blog posts per week, maintain consistency, as in if you choose to post the blogs on Wednesday and Friday, maintain the same consistency.

Thus, a B2B business blog helps in keeping the search engines always updated about the organization and its endeavors. They play a significant role in attracting customers. Thus play close attention to B2B blogging and enjoy more leads for your business.